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• Sally WIN TV News 2007Movie_TV.html
• Sally Disney - Sporting Dreams 2006Movie_Disney.html
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• Sally TV Interview - Susie Ellemen Channel 9Movie_TV2.html
• Sally Mentawai’s Trip 2007Indo_Movie.html

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Sally Media Movies

• Sally TV Interview - State Focus Channel 10Movie_TV3.html
• Fuel TV - USA The Daily Habit 2008Movie_FuelTV.html
• Morocco TV Interview - WIN TVMovie_Morocco_WQS.html
• Fuel TV - USA Cote’s Cube Interview Movie_Cotes_Cube.html
• TransWorld Sport Interview - UK TVMovie_TransWorldUK.html
• Rookie Year Interview - WIN TVMovie_Rookie_WINTV.html

Sally Surf Movies

• Sally P-Pass 2010Movie_P-Pass.html
• Media ClippingsMedia/Media.html

Sally Photos

• Fuel TV - USA The Daily Habit 2009Movie_FuelTV09.html
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• Profile PhotosMedia/Pages/Photo_Shoots.html
• Roxy Pro Biarritz 2012https://vimeo.com/45509991
• Sally Portugal 2010Portugal_2010.html
• Sally 2 Minute Recap 20102_Minute_Recap_2010.html
• Bells Beach 2011Bells_Beach_2011.html
• Sally Biarritz 2011Biarritz_2011.html
• OneHD TV - Hawks Mascot (Bucket List) 2011Movie_OneHD_Hawks.html
• US Open 2011Movie_US_Open_2011.html
• Roxy Vibe Clip #2Roxy_Vibe_Clip2_2011.html
• Channel 9 Wide World Of Sports Appearanceshttp://wwos.ninemsn.com.au/video.aspx?videoid=642C9BB3-BB63-4FAE-92B2-455F6EAB2677
• Roxy Vibe Clip #3http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q24E_hiHfo4
• Home Breaks 2011http://vimeo.com/24195594
• Bells Warm-up 2011http://vimeo.com/24197091
• Billabong Pro Rio 2012https://vimeo.com/43342747
• Sally Vibe Clip 2012http://www.sallyfitz.com/Media/I_Was_Here_2012.mp4

Sally Historical Movies

• List of Sally’s Yahoo7 Blogshttp://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/banzai/blogs/sally-fitzgibbons/http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/banzai/blogs/sally-fitzgibbons/shapeimage_37_link_0

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